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Name Each Character from Oz in their groups

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El Norte
the main protagonist 
the main elderly protagonist 
the narrator on the wheelchair 
the man who ate his parents 
buys drugs from ryan o'reily and gets beaten up the COs 
on death row and gets executed for smothering a'lot of women to death 
also smothers a woman and is only seen in drug couseling 
basketball player 
plays the cello that looks like a big violin 
likes to dig tunnels 
former aryan who loves the main antagonist 
crazy elderly man whose in solitary 
murdered by vern schillinger and mark mack in the gym 
russian inmate who has a rivalry with ryan o'reily over the cellphone 
russian inmate whose a crazy killer 
lies on governor devlin that he bought drugs from him 
an african elderly man who helped simon adebisi get back to his roots 
the only female inmate in oz and on death row 
on death row for murdering his own family 
an ex-cop who killed a man during his undercover mission 
an undercover narc in prison pretending to be jamaican 
an ex-cop who beat up a minor 
a CO turned criminal when he tried to assassinate governor devlin 
used to be a chef on the outside  
worked in the military 
helped a man known as 'gamba kufu' take over solitary 
french inmate who was bullied kenny, junior, and poet 
asian inmate who hates the latino's and ryan o'reily 
another asian inmate working with the other 
italian inmate who worked in construction and secretly brought in the cellphone 
an elderly man who talked to another about his grandson and faith healing 
an african-american inmate whose secretly mixed with caucasian 
an overweight inmate 
used to be the protagonist friend until he found out he has a male lover 
had his arm severed by the latinos by orders of ryan o'reily 
beats up an umpire with a baseball bat 
wants to be friends with cyril, but ryan doesn't approve 
an inmate in solitary who ate off chunks of his skin and dies 
a jewish inmate who shot kareem said to death 
a drug addict who puts marijuana in brownies 
a former black panther 
a politician who was elected mayor, but was sent to prison for killing two african-american girls in 1963 
an inmate who kills the mayor 
an inmate who kills leo glynn 

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