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HedgehogHero of Mobius that moves with super speed
FoxMechanical genius with two-tails
ChipmunkPrincess of the Acorn Kingdom
WalrusHis nickname is 'Boomer' and creates devices that helps the Freedom Fighters
CoyoteHe fights with a sword and has a french accent
RabbitShe's half roboticized with her arm and both legs
HedgehogShe has a crush on sonic and uses a hammer
Hand-Held ComputerHer holographic form is a lynx
DragonShe doesn't tell a lie
EchidnaGuardian of the master emerald
ChameleonA ninja that disguises his appearance
CrocodileListens to music and loves money
BeePrince of the Golden Hive Colony
ArmadilloHas super strength
Flying SquirrelGlides with his wings under his arms
BeeOne of the chaotix girlfriend
EchidnaFormerly a member of the Dark Legion, she loves the guardian
Fire AntGuides the guardian to whatever he needs to learn
Hedgehog An android with chaos powers
BatLoves to steal jewelry
RobotLast creation of the E-Series
HedgheogTime Traveler with psychokinesis
CatGuardian of the sol emeralds and a pyrokinetic
HedgehogLives in the Kingdom of Mercia and is Amy's cousin
SkunkLeader of the Royal Secret Service who turned traitor
EchidnaHe's in charge of a patrol squad in Echidnapolis
CatShe's the wife of the leader of the Royal Secret Service
HedgehogA zone cop and a counterpart of the hero of mobius
EchidnaFather of the guardian and a member of the brotherhood of guardians
EchidnaGrandfather of the guardian
EchidnaOne of the Neo Walkers and abandoned his guardian position
HedgehogFather of the hero thats roboticized
HedgehogUncle of the hero that owns a chili dog restaurant
SquirrelKing of the Acorn Kingdom
ChipmunkThe princess brother
CatLikes to fish with a frog
RabbitHas a pet chao named cheese
HawkLeader of the Babylon Rogues
SwallowMechanical genius of the Rogues
AlbatrossFighting power of the Rogues
MonkeyCyborg with a rod and flies on a cloud
EchidnaAn evil counterpart of the guardian, but is a pacifist
HumanA good counterpart of the evil dictator
HedgehogA crazy girl with a spike hammer
RabbitHas a disease and rides in a robot suit
HumanAn evil dictator that took over the Acorn Kingdom
HumanThe evil dictators assistant
HumanAn evil sorceror
EchidnaLeader of the Dark Legion
Robotic HedgehogA robotic version of the hero
MammothLived for thousands of years with an emerald on his chest
Rhino/Lobster/Bat-FusionControls the four elements
HedgehogAn evil counterpart of the hero and leader of the Supression Squad
FoxFormerly the hero's girlfriend, she's now with the Supression Squad
WeaselA treasure thief
DuckLoves explosions
Polar BearDoesn't talk much
GorillaLeader of the Fearsome Foursome that has strength
FrogHas wings under his arms and is sometimes crazy
HawkFlies up to catch his prey and is an ex-soldier of the Battle Bird Armada
LynxHas super speed and comes from the raiju clan
WolfWorks for the Dark Egg Legion who betrayed the Wolf Pack
DogA mercenary
EchidnaA girl from the knuckles tribe
Mutant ChaoA chao that mutated into a water creature
DemigodVillainous alter ego of numerous echidnas
EchidnaAn evil scientist who works with the Dark Legion
FoxA wizard whose one of the Neo Walkers
GoddessOne of the Neo Walkers who watches over Mobius in the Virtual Zone
Panda BearLives in the Special Zone who makes challenges for whoever comes
RobotA peaceful robot
Robotic HedgehogFought the hero in the death egg

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