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The first Dragoon
Ronso Guardian
Traded the throne for his freedom
Pilots the Strahl
The last remaining human from 700 AF
Needed Supersoft
Cousin Guardian
Lead actor in 'I Want to be Your Canary'
An adventurous orphan of Ur
Actual Sky Pirate
Rocks a mean afro
Assumed the identity of his friend
Preyed upon by Wrexsoul
Wields an anchor
Prudish knight of Alexandria
Blames himself for his brother's death
Crybaby Guardian
Chef of the Tantalus
A cat riding a stuffed Moogle
Shrouded in odd this a man...?
Sharpshooter and ladies man
Female pirate captain
FIghts with bare hands and nunchaku
Amnesiac Grandfather
Sister to Leon
Female twin and expert White Mage
Claire Farron
Rides his Chocobo Boko
In search of Sir Fratley
Young horned summoner
Sorceress with an Australian Shepherd
Princess of Tycoon, loves animals
Searching for Reis
Call him a Treasure Hunter or else
A fierce fighter
Female member of the Crimson Squad
Ovelia's protector
World-traveling, casino-dwelling free spirit
Leader of the Returners
In her pictures she captures everything
Boy twin with a knack for black magic
Bar maid at the 7th Heaven
Potty mouthed pilot
Thunder God
Was cured of Desert Fever
Crushed by a boulder
Completes her Focus early in XIII
Princess who wanted to be kidnapped
Knight of Sasune
Raises Dyne's daughter
Speaks with animals more than people
Grand Daughter to Galuf
Will they talk about me this way if I die too?
A Sorceress with Ice Lance
Really likes trains
Peppy girl with a very dark secret
Branded a heretic
Unsent Guardian
Knowledge makes up for his shyness
A user of Black Magic
Garland's 'Angel of Death'
Daughter of Ifalna
First character with an actual storyline
President of Esthar
Kleptomaniac Kunoichi
One to be born from a Dragon
Lives on the Moon, has a cool beard
Daughter of High Summoner Braska
Laguna's voice of reason
Vengeful Sage
Brother to Gabranth
Afraid of fire
With a spirit as pure as snow
Admirer of bone carvings
Jolly, knowledgeable chief of the airships
Tall with bluish skin
Travels with Lightning avenge his mother
Childhood friend of Vaan wants to be a dancer
Pirate Princess
Slamdancing Moogle
Adopted by a woman in Balamb
Wields a double bladed spear
Afraid of 'stopping'
All the world's women would grieve..
The light of affection
Repents for his sins under Shinra Mansion
Son of Seto
Ninja who recently lost his parents
Sisterly Guardian
Anna saved his life
Machinist ally of Ramza
Attempts to crown himself Emperor
Former leader of the Besaid Aurochs
A white mage from Mysidia
He owes allegiance to no one
learned in the ways of monsters
Turn Coat Dragoon
A user of Red Magic
Has her own fan club
Born with the gift of magic
Islude's sister
A gourmand with gender issues
Assumed the name Amalia
A user of White Magic
Wannabe Sky Pirate
received the Buster Sword from his mentor Angeal Hewley
A youth surviving against all odds

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