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Are the following statements regarding molecular orbital theory true or false?

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Benzene has 2 pi bonding MOs, 2 pi nonbonding MOs, and 2 pi antibonding MOs.
The lowest energy pi MO will have zero vertical nodes and zero horizontal nodes.
The highest energy MO for 1,3-butadiene will have three vertical nodes.
1,3-cyclobutadiene is unstable because it has unpaired electrons in non-bonding orbitals.
1,3,5,7-octatetraene has a total of six pi molecular orbitals.
Benzene has two sets of degenerate molecular orbitals.
Molecular orbital theory explains why the carbon-carbon single bond in 1,3-butadiene is slightly shorter than a typical carbon-carbon single bond.
The highest energy antibonding MO for 1,3-butadiene has 2 antibonding interactions and 1 bonding interaction.
The highest occupied molecular orbital (HOMO) in 1,3-butadiene is pi2 which is the highest energy bonding molecular orbital.
The lowest unoccupied molecular orbital in 1,3,5-hexatriene is pi3.

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