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State whether the statement about ethers is true or false.

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The ether functional group is both a hydrogen bond donor and a hydrogen bond acceptor.
Sulfides are more reactive than ethers.
Symmetrical ethers may be synthesized from primary alcohols and acid in the presence of heat.
Diphenyl ether is not cleaved to two equivalents of phenol using HBr.
To synthesize an unsymmetrical ether, a hindered alkoxide and an unhindered alkyl halide are used.
In the presence of heat and acid, 2-butanol may be used to synthesize a symmetrical ether in high yield.
Epoxides may be synthesized from peracids.
Cleavage of dipropyl ether with HI and heat yields two equivalents of propyl iodide.
Methyl isopropyl ether may be synthesized from propene and methanol in the presence of mercuric acetate followed by sodium borohydride.
The Grignard reagent attacks the more hindered epoxide carbon atom of a substituted epoxide.

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