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From Episode ClueAnswerEpisode
After the lost Teachers Editions are found and Bart takes responsibility Skinner admits to missing the signs, Bart than calls Skinner this name; What name did Bart use?Separate Vacations
Bart and Lisa are able find Rabbi Krustofski studying in the; What is the name of the Springfield Temple?Like Father, Like Clown
Homer doesn't have much money as his story tells, instead of a fancy wedding they go to a little place across the state line; Where do Homer and Marge end up getting married?I Married Marge
Bart loves Homers gift so much he begins playing pranks, lastly pretending to be a boy who fell down a well; What name did Bart use for the boy who fell down the well?Radio Bart
While Lisa watches the game with Homer, Marge takes Bart clothes shopping at the mall; What store do we see them shop at?Lisa the Greek
After Homer leaves because of robbed dignity, we see Homer arrive at a redneck bar; What is the name of this bar?Colonel Homer
Homer decides to buy Lisa a pony, after stoping at the mall pet shop the owner suggests the 'Pony Farm' down route 401; What is the name of this 'farm'?Lisa's Pony
A problem arises in sector 7-G, upon learning Simpson was hired under Project Bootstrap, Mr. Burns thanks this man; Who was this man, and former U.S. President?Homer Defined
During the plant pyshicals employees are given a body fat analysis test; What was Homers body fat measured at?Brother Can You Spare Two Dimes
After he receives his award Homer stops in at Moes with Joe Frazier where he and Barney get into a scuffle and step outside; What does Barney find upon being dumped in the trash?Brother Can You Spare Two Dimes
After purchasing the plant and taking control of operations the Germans change the name and begin evaluating operations; What was the plant renamed? Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk
We see Sideshow Bob get down and propose to Selma while Bart warns against it saying the man is not who he appears to be; What word did Bart use to describe Bob?Black Widower
Homer, upset with Moe complains to him, while his new watress asked for the truth, Moe says maybe but he came up with the charge; What price did Moe charge for his Flaming Moe?Flaming Moe's
After showing up late to the talet show, Homer attempts to buy Lisa off by taking her to 'Pineas Q. Butterfats 5600 Flavors Icecream Parlor'; What did Homer buy for Lisa?Lisa's Pony
A new girl comes to Springfield Elementary which threatens Barts & Milhouses friendship; What is the name (first & last) of this girl?Barts Friend Falls in Love
After 'Michael' helps out the family, he leaves on another of his adventures; What was his real (first & last) name?Stark Raving Dad
At the Flanders BBQ, Ned tells everyone he's leaving the pharmaceutical game and opening up his one stop shop for south paws; What's this stores name?When Flanders Failed
Barts skips his Karate lessons insulted at the fact of paying money to read books, he goes to the arcade where we find him playing this game; What is this game?When Flanders Failed
While cashing in on his success Aerosmith visits Flaming Moes and after being enticed on stage by Moe, Stephen mistakes Springfield for this town; What was this town?Flaming Moe's
According to Milhouse Magic 8 Ball, Bart asks will he and Milhouse be friends at the end of the; What is the Magic 8 Balls response?Barts Friend Falls in Love
Bart thinks his guitar is broken but Otto shows him wrong and goes on a playing spree, we see him end with this rock classic; What song did Otto end with?The Otto Show
After Bart wishes for fame and fortune the family leaves for the fanciest resturaunt in town; What is this fancy resuraunt?Treehouse of Horror II
Krusty is suppose to come to dinner but cancels again, shorty after this we see Bart put this product on; What is this product?Like Father, Like Clown
Corresponding to Barts test answers American history was changed again; What was the name of the land discovered in 1942?Treehouse of Horror II
From Episode ClueAnswerEpisode
Santas Little Helper is sick and upon visiting the Animal Hospital it is determined surgery will cost $750; What ailment does Santas Little Helper have?Dog of Death
Homer leaves saying he wont return until he can provide, but will send all finances he can for the baby; Where does he start working to be supportive?I Married Marge
Lisa suggests that the Sunday after the Super Bowl she and Homer go hiking; On what landmark did she asked to go?Lisa the Greek
We see Bob get a response from the prison pen pal program in which we know Bobs prison number; What prison number was Sideshow Bob assigned?Black Widower
After settling into their room, Homer gets excited for this object 'just like in the movies'; What was this object?Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington
After a sex education film Bart asks, which Mrs. Crabapple refuses to answer how to make this creature; What was this creature?Barts Friend Falls in Love
Before retaking his driving test Bart reminds Otto that Homer didn't call him a Bum; What word did Homer call him?The Otto Show
Krusty and local celebrities gather with this rock legend to sing a tribute to Timmy; Who was this rock celebrity?Radio Bart
The show starts with 'Eye on Springfield' and special Part 7 of their eye opening look at this; What were they looking into?Flaming Moe's
While giving his speech to the Shelbyville Plant a nuclear problem arises and is called to act, he saves the plant from meltdown by pressing a button; What button did Homer press?Homer Defined
Bart starts taking Karate with Akira at the Springfield Mall, however Akira hands out books saying, 'we must know so we may never use'; What is the book he hands out?When Flanders Failed
After learning Mr. Burns won't sell the Plant for les than $100,000,000 Hans and Fritz conclude they will still have enough to buy this team; What is this NFL team? Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk
The shows starts with Troy Mclue & Dr. Nick with an installment of 'I Can't Believe They Invented That'; What product was Dr. Nick promoting?Saturdays of Thunder
Bart becomes hall monitor and as a thanks for his service Principal Skinner allows him a choice to one confiscated item; What item does Bart choose?Separate Vacations
At this episodes beginning we see Homer and Barney at Moes where a lottery commercial is on T.V. and Moe is turning on a sign; What does that sign say?Dog of Death
After recording her song on CD the store manager asks to send it to his brother, a radio announcer; What's the name of his radio station?Colonel Homer
After becoming rich again Herb repays and forgives Homer, and repays the family with gifts; What was Herbs gift to Lisa?Brother Can You Spare Two Dimes
The family is seeing sights around Washington, while at the National Air and Space museum Homer tells Bart to get out of this aircraft; What aircraft was this?Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington
Bart is allowed to go home early, while riding home in the rain he falls into what will become his part time job; What is the name of this establishment?Bart The Murderer
Homer asks Lisa to fill out his 'homework', though only if he listens to he poem mentioning Snowball I and her hamster; What was her hamsters name?Stark Raving Dad
Lisa sees Bob Arnold taking a bribe that will result in the loss of Springfield Forest, seeing this she destroys her original essay; What was the title of her original essay?Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington
Throughout training we see Mr. Burns wearing the jersey of this defunct baseball franchise; What is the name of this team?Homer At The Bat
Upon receiving their test results giving there scientifically selected career Bart is given this career; What job was Bart scientifically given?Separate Vacations
Desperate to buy Mr. Burns begs the Germans to sell him back his plant, desperate to sell the Germans agree; How much did Mr. Burns pay to buy back the plant? Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk
From Episode ClueAnswerEpisode
Bart finds Mrs. Krabapples dating ad and begins sending her fake letters under an asumed name; What was the name Bart used?Bart the Lover
At the dinner table Krusty is asked to say the blessing, this is the first time we learn Krusty is of this religion; What religious faith is Krusty?Like Father, Like Clown
Bart sets out to find his dog, and after Smithers releases the hounds Santas Little Helper runs & growls at Bart; What 4 words did Bart say to help Santas Little Helper remember?Dog of Death
After seeing this Twirl King group at an assembly, this new fad hits Springfield Elementary; What was this that became so popular?Bart the Lover
Smithers mentions it's T.G.I.M. Mr. Burns agrees asking what had happened over the weekend, Smithers says he had his Yorkshire clipped; What's the name of Smithers dog?Homer Defined
Marge finally snaps, after dealing with the kids, Homers bowling ball with the Nicks, and stops atop this landmark; What Springfield landmark did Marge stop atop?Homer Alone
Before the Miami, Cincinnati game we see a pair of picks, one for each team before professor Frinks device gives us an answer; What was the name of Professor Frinks device?Lisa the Greek
Company softball sign-ups have begun, but after last years 2-28 record there are few takers, until Homer tells of a secret weapon; What is this secret weapon?Homer At The Bat
Homer still has questions as Marge leaves, lastly how to use this item, which Marge replies 'DON'T'; What item did Marge tell Homer not to use?Homer Alone
When Homer is let out of the nut house he calls to inform Bart Michael will be visiting, saying to put out beer and this other item; What was this other item?Stark Raving Dad
It's the day of the field trip to the chocolate factory, however Bart forgets his permission slip and must stay at school; What is the name of the factory the children visit?Bart The Murderer
Since 'Look Who's Oinking' is sold out Homer and Marge see something a little more adult; What movie did Homer & Marge see?Colonel Homer
While helping Bart build his Soapbox Racer Homer goes for a drink of his Buzz Cola but ends up grabbing and drinking this; What was this other 'non' beverage?Saturdays of Thunder
Mr. Burns send Smithers to find a few ringers for the softball championship, he finds Steve Sax playing in this band; Name the band?Homer At The Bat
After arriving for their honeymoon in Shelbyville we see Bob arguing with the concierge about a fireplace; What was the concierges name?Black Widower
It's Barts birthday and after we see him hit up 46 local merchants for free birthday goods & services we find Bart at his party; Where did Bart have his birthday party?Radio Bart
Marge and her sisters are off to the hair stylist in search of new looks, earlier we saw Patty pick a new style; What style does Patty return with?Saturdays of Thunder
Against Marge's advice Homer buys Lisa a Pony, $5000 later we find Lisa happy at home with her pony; What name did she give her pony?Lisa's Pony
After multiple correspondents between Enda and 'Woodrow', Bart sends a photo, a former NHL star; Who was this photo of?Bart the Lover
After Skinner is presumed dead the school dedicates this memorial; What was this memorial?Bart The Murderer
Marge sees Troy McClure welcome her to Rancho Relaxo on the info channel and how to best start her vacation; What number did he say to dial?Homer Alone
Bart and Milhouse attend their first rock concert, a true head bangers ball; Who was the main act performance?The Otto Show
While searching for a new job Bart and Lisa rattle off ideas, most intreginly Barts which would let Homer meet many interesting people; What was this job?Treehouse of Horror II
After Homer and Marge's date we see Homer drive Marge home and a bumper sticker on the back of Homers car; What does this bumper sticker say?I Married Marge

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