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After being caught on tape 'Bigfoot' a.k.a. Homer is put up for a $5,000 reward; What tabloid offerers this reward?Call of the Simpsons
After meeting Jimbo and Kearny the boys sneak into the Aztec; What movie do they sneak into?The Telltale Head
While being interviewed Marge says Homers favorite food is pork chops; What tabloid writes 'Pork Chops Aplenty'?Call of the Simpsons
Marge first discovers the 'photo' while at the gym reading 'watch out'; What season did it say was coming?Homer's Night Out
To help recoup Christmas loses Homer works as a mall Santa; What was his net income for this job?Simpson Roasting On An Open Fire
Lisa is first called out by Mr. Largo in band concerning her depression; What song was the band practicing?Moaning Lisa
Grandpa takes Bart to see Herman to help fend off Nelson, upon entering his store a sign on the wall depicts WWIII; What does this sign say?Bart The General
After dinner Homer and Marge hit the dance floor; What musical group is performing?Some Enchanted Evening
Bart is sent by Cesar and Ugolin to buy anti-freeze to finish their wine; To what address is he sent?The Creeps of Wrath
Bart admits to cheating on his I.Q. test, in his so-called proposal; What word does he mis-spell?Bart The Genius
Moe agrees about Homers disconnection with Marge so Homer stops to buy Marge a boquet of roses; What is the name of the shop he stops at?Some Enchanted Evening
During a news broadcast leading up to Krusty's trial we learn Krusty started out as a street mime in this Mississippi city?Krusty Gets Busted
During his Sunday sermon, reverend Lovejoy entitles this the 8th deadly sin; What is this sin?The Telltale Head
After riding in the rain to pick up some anti-freeze for the win Bart becomes cold and scared and hides beneath a canopy; What words are on that canopy? The Creeps of Wrath
After a day of being shut out of jobs Homer stops at Moes for a drink where Moe receives a prank call; To who was the caller (Bart) asking?Homer's Odyssey
After overcoming her sadness Lisa suggests the family goes out for the evening; To where does the family go?Moaning Lisa
As Barts class tours the plant we see a sign reading days since last accident; How many days has it been since the last incident?Homer's Odyssey
During his farewell speech Mr. Burns urges his guests not to wait around as the hounds will be released; How long did he give his guests to 'get off his property'?There's No Disgrace Like Home
Homer and Bart try to recoup loses at the Springfield Dog Track, though they lost they got a family pet; Who ended up winning the race?Simpson Roasting On An Open Fire
Bart wants a tattoo for Christmas, even after Marge says no his stops at a tattoo parlor to get on; What is the name of the shop he stops at?Simpson Roasting On An Open Fire
From Episode ClueAnswerEpisode
After 'peeping' around the neighborhood Homer heads to Moes where Eddie and Lou enter for a beer; What is the name of the dog with them?There's No Disgrace Like Home
While waiting for their order Bart rearranges these letters to form 'Cold Pet Rat'; What was the original menu special?Homer's Night Out
While Homer has his boys night out the remaining Simpsons have a night out of their own; To what restaurant do they visit?Homer's Night Out
Marge and Jacque meet for brunch where they run into Mrs. Lovejoy, where Jacque claims there having a bowling lesson; At what Coffee Shop did this occur?Life In The Fast Lane
Marge surprises Homer at work, conflicted between him and Jacque, Homer takes Marge to the back seat of his car; How long did he say he'd be gone?Life In The Fast Lane
In an attempt to befriend the cool kids Bart sneaks out to cut off the head of town founder Jebidiha Springfield; At what time does Bart awake to do this?The Telltale Head
When being brought in for trial Krusty is wearing a blue prison suit; What is his prison number?Krusty Gets Busted
The family is playing a popular board game to help Bart prepare for the following days aptitude test; Homer spells 'do' but has letters for this word?Bart the Genius
It's Marge's birthday and her sisters take the family out for dinner; Where does the family eat?Life In The Fast Lane
Marge calls to talk to Dr. Monroe concerning her marriage with upon being told what to do she spills Homers name; What name does she use after being told not to use his real name?Some Enchanted Evening
It's Britneys birthday on the Krusty the Clown Show, after shooting Sideshow Bob out of a canon Itchy & Scratchy is shown; What is the name of that episode?Krusty Gets Busted
Before attempting suicide Homer saves his family from on coming traffic, which is shown to be his saving grace; At which intersection did this occur?Homer's Odyssey
After Barts first day at the learning center, Marge takes the family to the opera; What opera does the family see?Bart the Genius
After making Nelson 'bleed his own blood' Nelson avenges to get Bart after school at 3:15; Where does Nelson want to see Bart after school?Bart The General
The Simpsons must make the ultimate sacrifice by pawning the T.V. to pay for family therapy; What is the name of Pawn Shop where this occurred?There's No Disgrace Like Home
Bart is sent to France in an exchange program; What is the name of the 'villa' at which he stays?The Creeps of Wrath
Throughout this episode we find Bart and Homer playing a boxing video game; What is the name of this game?Moaning Lisa
While training to beat Nelson a scene shoe some of Barts crew attacking what appears to be a boxing trainer; What does Milhouse attack with?Bart The General
Ned buys a motor home and shows it off to Homer; What is the model of that motor home?Call of the Simpsons

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