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While the family 'sleeps on it' the spirit speaks to the family members; What does it tell Lisa to get?Treehouse of Horror 1
Marge knows she and Homer need marital help, and since Rev. Lovejoy is giving such help she doesn't hesitate; Where was the retreat held?The War Of The Simpsons
When Mr. Burns finds Homer going through his mail he asks who are you, Homers mind tells him to give a fake name; What name does Homer give him?Blood Feud
We see the family enjoying a scene from a McBain movie on a T.V. show; What is the name of this show?The Way We Was
Homer joins the debate team and upon studying the lowering of the national speed limit to 55 mph he comes to this conclusion ; What are the two words he uses?The Way We Was
Mr. Hutz is questioning Bart in reference to the accident, Bart said it was a beautiful afternoon; On what day did the accident occur?Bart Gets Hit By A Car
During the party Barts able to sneak downstairs and alter the snack tray from 'Enjoy Our Party Snacks' to this; What was this new phrase?The War Of The Simpsons
Homer orders Fugu and the Masters delicate hands are needed though he is 'busy' with a woman in his car; Who is this woman?One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish
Midway through the performance Ned turns to Homer and complimantes him on Lisa; What was he complamenting about?Bart The Daredevil
We learn from Lisa that Mr. Bergstrom cried as with Lisa while reading the end of this story; What was this book Mr. Bergstrom read to the class?Lisa's Substitute
After just passing his exam we see Bart jump for joy and run outside passing Martin spray painting with another individual; Who was this other person?Bart Gets an F
Homer is distraught when Marge tells him there all out of beer, even more after she asks if he would like so of this; What drink did she recommend?Dead Putting Society
After an experiment with Martin, Bart gets the idea to vandalize groudkeeper Willies award winning play field; With what chemical does Bart use to do this?Principal Charming
At episodes end we see Bart apologize to Lisa and the family praying around the table; What was Homer thankful for another crack at?Bart vs. Thanksgiving
The family has just droped off Gramdpa after their weekly extrusion, when Abe sarcastically stated nothing could be more fun; Where did the family just visit?Old Money
Abe knows he needs more money to help others, unsure of how to get it Jasper recommends the senior casino trip; To what casino did they visit?Old Money
After being seated Homer returns with a platter of food, he then notices an item(s) missing; What was this missing item?Bart The Daredevil
Homer claims to be the 'line inspector' to get to the from of the line for this ride, of which he ironically gets stuck; What was this ride?Brush With Greatness
After being 'abducted' by Kodos & Kang the Simpsons are each given an individual meal; What meal is Lisa given?Treehouse of Horror 1
Martin and Milhouse ask Bart to join them in seeing the original 'fall-out boy' while at the comic book convention; What is this actors name?Three Men And A Comic Book
Upon finding his brother, the family drives to Detroit and after constantly being asked 'are we there yet' Homer screams not these words; What were these words?Oh Brother, Where Art Thou
It's employee night at the ballpark and Bart want Flash's autograph, unable to Marge succedes; In what room is Flash staying at the Kozy Kort Motel?Dancin' Homer
From Episode ClueAnswerEpisode
Barts class is giving book reports and Martin has just given his on Ernest Hemingway; What name did he insist on being called?Bart Gets an F
The episode opens with Homer watching T.V. and Bart & Lisa fighting; What are Bart and Lisa fighting over?Bart vs. Thanksgiving
Burns is skyrocketing in the polls, but the latest polls show he is losing touch with these people; To who is he losing his touch with?Two Cars in Every Garage, Three Eyes on Every Fish
Bart doesn't study and sucks up to Sherri and Terri for help; What reason did they give for the colonists leaving England?Bart Gets an F
After reading Bart The Raven, Lisa reacts that people were easier to scare back than; Bart compares it to this 'pretty tame' movie?Treehouse of Horror 1
Homer catches Bart in the act of viewing an adult only channel even though Bart claims he was looking for something else; What was the program Bart was watching?Homer vs. Lisa And The 8th Amendment
After taking the stand Marge is questioned about Dr. Nick, saying he pronounces even words she knows; What word did she give as an example?Bart Gets Hit By A Car
Ned invites Homer to his homestead for a drink, while Homer scarfs down on club sandwiches he pours a glass; What words are on the mug he gives Homer?Dead Putting Society
We find Bart and Lisa fishing, where we get our first interaction with Blinky, shorty before this an Investigative Reporter shows up; What is the first & last name of this man?Two Cars in Every Garage, Three Eyes on Every Fish
Mr. Hoover enters the classroom depressed, than telling the children she's ill and will be taking time off to recover; What sickness or disease does she have?Lisa's Substitute
After Homers promotion he begins looking for a secretary, but all the girls make kissy faces at him; What is the name of the male secretary hired?Simpson and Delilah
On multiple occasions we get a glimpse on the playoff bracket, who played who in each round; Whom did Bart beat in the semi-finals (2nd ) round?Dead Putting Society
Bart throws a party and only after he finds Grandpa crying does he finally realize his wrong doings; What is the reason grandpa gives for correcting Bart?The War Of The Simpsons
Bart leaves the house after ruining Thanksgiving, he and Santas Little Helper roam the streets in search of food; What does he donate to get $12?Bart vs. Thanksgiving
After finding Mr. Burns in need of OO negative blood Smithers demands they take it from him, however Dr. Hibbert can't because of his blood type; What blood type does Smithers haveBlood Feud
Lisa and Homer run into Mr. Bergstrom at the museum, where Mr. Bergstrom can talk face to face with Homer over lunch; What is the name of the eatery at which they ate?Lisa's Substitute
After Maggie 'attacks' Homer, Marge wonders a baby would get the idea to attack her father; What Itchy and Scratchy cartoon then shown let's Marge know?Itchy & Scratchy & Marge
After his stunt, Dr. Hibbert trys to discourage Bart by showing him a Ward of injured 'copy-cats'; What Ward does he refuse to subject him to?Bart The Daredevil
The NRC arrives and begins to inspect the plant, with gieiger counters on; What is found to seal crack in cooling tower?Two Cars in Every Garage, Three Eyes on Every Fish
Before the game we learn the 'Topes' have the longest losing in baseball; How long is this losing streak?Dancin' Homer
Marge brings out the Bouvier family quilt to allow Lisa to add her own square, she shows of past squares including her; What dis Marge's square say?Barts Dog Gets An F
Dancin' Homer lasts all but one night in Capital City, after the game ends we see Homer in the owners office; What is the owners first & last name?Dancin' Homer
From Episode ClueAnswerEpisode
After learning Bart has OO negative blood Homer tells Bart he has a date; With who or what does Bart have a date with?Blood Feud
In an attempt to get the discounted price Bart changes into this uncommon superhero; What's his name for this superhero?Three Men And A Comic Book
We see Bart and Skinner at the Springfield mall picking out an engagement ring for Patty; At what store did this occur?Principal Charming
Marge's art instructor shows how simple geometric shapes can create an adorable bunny rabbit; What was this process called?Brush With Greatness
After Homer picks the kids up from the Comic Book Convention, he takes the family out to the 'fine' eatery; What was the eatery?Three Men And A Comic Book
While on their first date, we see billboards and Chief Wiggum attempting to talk a suspect off the ledge; What was the first billboard we saw?Principal Charming
After learning the miracle hair product cost $1000 the clinic offers Homer this; What is the name of this coiesedental hair growth product?Simpson and Delilah
Lisa awakes to a sickend state though shes determined to go to school; What condition does Marge thinks she has?Barts Dog Gets An F
At the presentation Homer explains how he can save the plant millions using this Japanese art; What art is this know as?Simpson and Delilah
The episode begins with the last day of a week of Krusty the Clowns on location; Where had Krusty spent the week tapping his Krusty The Clown show?Brush With Greatness
Moe joins the protest but for a different reason, he wants this show brought back; What show does Moe picket to bring back?Itchy & Scratchy & Marge
Upon asking Ned to borrow his camcorder, Ned opens his front closet with a sign posted on the door; What words does this sign read?One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish
Burns upset with his lawyers demands thet get Homer to his house that evening so he can 'buy him off'; What did Burns say he would buy him off with?Bart Gets Hit By A Car
In the company board room Herbert is upset as the company continues to loose ground to the Japanese, he then asks about the new model; What name is given to that car model?Oh Brother, Where Art Thou
Marge ends up going to the Prom with Arty; by what name was the Senior Prom of 1974 known?The Way We Was
When Herbert determines his company does more telling than listening, its all thanks to Homer, getting Homers help he wants to pay him a yearly salary; What is this yearly salary?Oh Brother, Where Art Thou
After Homers 'incident' Marge starts a crusade against violent cartoons; What was the acronym she used against such violence?Itchy & Scratchy & Marge
After Homer attempts to return his 'ruined' shoes he passes by a woman giving out free samples; What was the name of the store she represented?Barts Dog Gets An F
Homer makes a list of things to do before he dies, including telling of his boss; What words did he use when doing this?One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish
At Moes Barney asks why Moe never got cable for the bar, Moe says it was cable or this other object; What was this other item?Homer vs. Lisa And The 8th Amendment
After dropping off Grandpa the family begins to decide where to bring Grandpa next time, still unsure they pass a sign advertising this attraction; What was this attraction?Old Money
Lisa is worried about her soul, 1st the cable, then with her mom at the grocery store; What does her mom eat that finally makes her talk?Homer vs. Lisa And The 8th Amendment

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