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Advertisements are akin to ITT
Advertisements can equate to valid offers in the case of unilateral offers
Advertisements by Manufacturers may equate to valid offers
Display of Goods is an ITT
Valid offers are made at the checkout
A valid offer must be clear & certain
Any ambiguity will not constitute a valid offer
A valid offer must be communicated to the offeree
A counter offer kills the original offer
A request for further information keeps the offer open
A valid acceptance must be unequivocal - Mirror Image of the offer
Acceptance may only be made by the offeree
Third Parties can communicate acceptance with the authorisation of the offeree
Silence does not constitute a valid mode of acceptance
Acceptance can be discerned by the conduct of offeree
The motivation for acceptance is irrelevant
Acceptance is valid when properly posted
Acceptance is valid even if the letter is lost
Revocation of an offer is only valid when received
Is is not reasonable to use the post when a prompt response is implied in the offer
The Postal Rule can be ousted by an offer requiring notice of acceptance
Posted Acceptance can be withdrawn before communicated
Misaddressing acceptance will not create a contract
To prescribe a mode of acceptance, you must explessly exclude all other modes
Another mode of acceptance, equally advantageous will be valid
Failure to receive acceptance due to your own negligence is irrelevant
Consideration need be sufficient, not adequate
A promise of consideration is still good consideration
There is a rebuttable presumption that social/domestic arrangements lack ICLR
The conduct of previous arrangements can rebut this presumption
Words or measures taken to show ICLR also rebut this presumption
Revocation of an offer can occur any time before acceptance
Revocation of an offer by a third party is also possible subject to two conditions
Revocation at auction is possible any time before the hammer falls

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