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Can you name the Neil Diamond songs with these phrases in the lyrics?

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Phrase in LyricsSong Title
Everybody knows one
Vanilla soup, a double scoop, please
Horseflies keep hangin’ around your face
Good times never seemed so good
Pack up the babies and grab the old ladies and everyone goes
Young child with dreams, dream every dream on your own
Daytime turns me on and I don’t mean maybe
Let it shine wherever you go
I’m New York City born and raised
Hitchin’ on a twilight train
She got the way to move me, she got the way to groove me
You’d think I could learn how to tell you goodbye
My country ‘tis of thee, sweet land of liberty
And when you play what you want to play, just reach down to the soul. You keep on growing and you’ll know some day that sound is gonna turn into gold
For she was a lady and I was a dreamer with only words to trade
Phrase in LyricsSong Title
Soon you’ll need a man
Neil, go find your brother. Daddy’s home, and it’s time for supper; hurry on
Money talks, but it don’t sing and dance and it don’t walk
Not a trace of doubt in my mind
We’ve been through it all and you love me just the same
We danced until the night became a brand new day
You are the sun, I am the moon, you are the words, I am the tune
A gentle touch from that one girl, and life is sweet and good, ain’t no doubt
Touch a man who can’t walk upright and that lame man, he’s gonna fly
Melinda was mine ‘til the time that I found her holding Jim, loving him
I got a song been on my mind, and the tune can be sung, and the words all rhyme
Like the clickety-clack of a train on a track it’s got rhythm to spare
I’d have sworn that with time thoughts of you would leave my head
Listen easy, you can hear God calling, walking barefoot by the stream
I never needed to hear the truth, you never wanted to know

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