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An Ottoman sultan who ruled from 1878 to 1908 and was deposed in a coup in 1908.
in 1898 a popular outburst occurred expelling foreigners from china.
A wealthy new group of Chinese merchants under the Qing Dynasty
What was the outcome of the opium war for the chinese
what continent was napolean from
what county is napolean from
what was one of the first cities that the British attacked during the opium war
Leader of the Taiping Rebellion
Napolean ____________ Egypt in 1798
Muslim thinker who stressed need for westernization
A confucian scholar and Emperor of the Qing dynasty from 1661 to 1722.
distinguished chinese official charged with stamping out opium trade in southern china
Head of the coalition of Mamluk rulers in Egypt that opposed Napoleonic invasion
An architect of Manchu unity created distinctive manchu banner armies
A war fought between the British and Chinese, resulting in british victory
last emperor of China deposed as emperor while still a small boy
Manchu dynasty that siezed control of China in the mid 17th century after the Ming
the Taiping ________ broke out in south china in the 1850s to overthrow the Qin dynasty
A canal built in 1869 to connect the Red sea and the Mediterranean
A rebellion led to overthrow the Qing dynasty and Confucian based scholar gentry
A sea that borders the korean peninsula and northern china
One of chinese scholar gentry, Defender of the qing dynasty

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