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What They DidPerson
Wrote Poor Richards Almanack
Wrote The Declaration of Indpendence and purchaed Louisiana
Key in the development of Nuclear Weapons
Wrote 'Catcher in the Rye'
Wrote 'Of Mice and Men'
Leader of French Revolution until 1794 execution
American author, wrote 'The Cask of Amontillado'
Famous for his prophecies and quatrains; Predicted 'Hister'
Famous for his 16th and 15th century plays such as 'Measure for Measure'
Famous Beatle killed in 1980
Wrote 'The American Crisis'
First Commander in Chief
Famous for his major signature on the Declaration of Independence
Created a modern Printing Press and printed the Bible
Refused to sit in the back of the bus
What They DidPerson
Couple executed for supposed espionage with USSR
French heroine burnt at the stake
Set John Wilkes Boothe's broken leg
Theory of Relativity E=MC2
Father of the American Navy
Civil rights leader famous for 'I Have a Dream'
Wrote 95 theses
First powered flight
American president in the civil war
Famous for the New Deal
Famous for his theory of relativity
Aquitted the soldiers of the Boston Massacre
Explored the American west in the early 19th century
President of South Africa who emerged successful after Apartheid

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