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Can you name the Battles/Events ofThe American Revolution?

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In 1774 and 1775 this political body met.
First battles of the revoltuion.
Essay published to convince colonists to declare independence.
Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain boys seized cannons form this fort
Battle named for the planned attack on this hill but actually fought on an adjacent hill (Breeds Hill)
Document sent to England requesting a peaceful end to the Rebellion
An army evacuated the birthplace of the revolution
George Washington's most humilating defeat. He escaped in the middle of the night by ship crossing a river.
Signed July 4th 1776
A battle fought at a fort named after the 1st President
On Christmas eve (Dec. 24) Washington historically crossed a river
Washington attacked Hessians at this battle
Battle fought near Trenton to boost morale of troops for their enlistment papers weree almost up and Washington wanted to give the troops a reason to re-enlist.
Burgoyne surrendered at this Heroic Victory.
One of the harshest winters. 1777-1778
1778-America's 1st ally enters the war
One of the hottest days ever, the Americans win in Central NJ
1779 Another Europian nation enters the war
British's first attack of 'the Southern Stratagey'
After weeks of 'Hit-and-Run' tactics, the armies clash at this battle
Final Battle of the Revolution/Cornwallis's Surrender
First official document station America's Governmental ideals
Treaty ending the war
Current document of America's governmental ideals signed
In 1789 America's 1st President take office

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