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A candidate has chosen a ____, raised money, and built an organization.
No on person may give more than ____ dollars to a candidate.
Candidates must report the name of who has given them more than ____ dollars so that the public can know who is contributing the money.
Presidential campaigns take a great deal of _____ and money.
Thousands of workers work long hours stuffing envelopes, making ____, and ringing door bells.
_______ means declaring yourself for office.
The ____ keeps in touch with the people who run the campaign across the country.
The ___ taker find out what issues are important to the voters.
To win the elector vote a candidate needs an absolute majority of the elector votes- ______ or more
The press secretary tells reporters about ____ appearances and gives them copies of speeches
Who helps plan the broad outline of the campaign?
Who makes the candidates look good in the media?
What do you call a person who has office and is running for re-election?
What do you call a person who promises to vote for the candidates selected by voters?
Besides the candidate who is the most important person in a campaign?
Who are the lower level managers in charge of?
What does the FEC stand for?
How many electoral votes does michigan have?
Is it possible to win with more electoral votes and less popular votes?
What makes other peoples candidates look good with the media?

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