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Can you name the Marvel Comics Civil War Key Characters?

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 Figurehead of the Superhuman Registration Act
 Leader of the resistance
 His public unmasking and flipflopping make him a pivotal player
 Blamed for the tragedy that sparked the war
 Blew himself and 612 others up, sparking the war
 Prominent pro-registration figure
 Prominent pro-registration figure
 Prominent pro-registration figure
 Prominent pro-registration figure
 Prominent anti-registration figure
 Prominent anti-registration figure
 Prominent anti-registration figure
 His death caused combatants on both sides of the war to re-think their positions
 Killed an enemy combatant in action
 Hunted down villain responsible for the Stamford disaster and uncovered Damage Control Inc. plot
 Interim S.H.I.E.L.D. director
 Assisted the resistance from the sidelines
 CEO of Damage Control Inc.
 Attacked by angry citizens after the Stamford disaster
 Opposed her husband and joined the resistance mid-war
 Relocated to France as a conscientous objector
 Super-hero persona supported registration; civilian alter-ego opposed it
 Leader of The Thunderbolts team of 'reformed' super-villains
 Tainted the pro-registration image by attacking Atlanteans while under the government's control
 Reporter for The Daily Bugle covering the war
 Reporter for The Alternative covering the war
 Spy for the pro-registration side
 Spy for the anti-registration side
 Pro-registration activist whose child died at Stamford
 The first anti-registration superhero arrested
 Pro-registration hero; the first caualty of the war
 Anti-registration hero; dealt the first fatality of the war

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