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Can you name the answers to the clues, all answers being an anagram of the preceding step plus one letter?

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__, Claudius, 1934 novel by Robert Graves set in ancient Rome1
A preposition meaning the opposite of out2
Jeremy ___, Taiwanese-American professional basketball player3
Earth's longest river4
Parallel ____, 1978 Blondie album5
Bewildered or decrepit, particularly from old age6
A permit or certificate, particularly in relation to driving (US Spelling)7
James Bond might affix one of these to the end of his gun8
Yours _______, a form of valediction used in formal letters9
Chemical Symbol for Nitrogen1
__ Woman, __ Cry, song by Bob Marley2
Name of the protagonist in 'The Matrix' trilogy3
Noble Gas with the atomic number 104
Unit of mass equal to 1000 kilograms5
Speak or recite in a singing voice6
An honorable _______, a form of recognition or commendation7
To propose as a candidate for an election or award8
US State on the Canadian border, with St. Paul as its capital9
Short story writer _. Henry1
Jupiter's third largest moon2
An electrically charged atom or molecule3
A metal disc or piece used as money4
A type of carbonated water usually flavoured with quinine5
______ Man, international name given to G.I. Joe6
A layer of a substance spread over a surface7
One who believes that nothing can be known of the existence or nature of God8
Longing for things or people from the past9

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