Language Quiz / Anagram Word Stairs III

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Can you name the answers to the clues, all answers being an anagram of the preceding step plus one letter?

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18th letter of the alphabet1
Egyptian sun God2
Long period of time3
Type of noodles5
Animal waste used as a fertiliser6
Smith, Jones or McDonald7
An irregular swelling in the wall of a blood vessel8
Marine vehicle, also know as a u-boat9
Shorthand for the speed of light1
Chemical symbol for cerium2
Vanilla ____, US rapper3
French city located on the Mediterranean Sea4
Grind or chop finely5
Term used to describe money earned6
Satanic or monstrous7
Bill Hicks, Sarah Silverman or Dane Cook8
Homeland of Alexander the Great9
'__ Brother, Where Art Thou?', Coen Bros. film1
Conjunction, 31st most common English word2
Color of some horses or cows4
Noble gas with the atomic number 185
Skirtlike garment, common in parts of Asia6
Madame in Italian7
Broad term for a living thing8
Very stupid person9

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