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Can you name the four letter words and climb down this island-themed word ladder?

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☀Native of the islands of New Zealand☀
Dame _____ Te Kanawa, operatic singer
iPhone's female confidant
Hindu garment
☀Small island, part of the UK's Channel Islands☀
Canine sound
City located in the heel of Italy
☀Renowned Indonesian island holiday destination☀
African country and location of Timbuktu
☀Second largest Hawaiian island☀
Beat or handle roughly
Shopping centre
Vertically well-endowed
☀Largest island in a lake on an island in a lake on an island; located on the Filipino island of Luzon☀
A pre-Christian deity or an old testament demon
Mary's ovine friend probably does this
Snakes or feathery scarfs
Dylan, Hoskins and Barker
Ears of corn
Young lions, wolves or even bears
☀Island synonymous with Fidel Castro☀
Largest brass instrument
Cylindrical conduit
Adjust an instrument's pitch
Strengthen or define
☀Sao ____ & Principe, African island nation☀
____ Like It Hot, Marilyn Monroe film
Comes after for-, name- and keep-
☀Small island located between Hawaii and Guam☀
Disturbed from slumber
Wisecrack or gag
____ de vivre, love of life
Connect or attach
☀St. ____, one of the US Virgin Islands☀
Warm mountainous wind
Thrust or poke, whilst fencing perhaps
Content or willing to obey
Name often given to a town's principal street
☀Alternative spelling and name for island located between Ireland and Great Britain☀
Male lion's tresses
Native of Denmark
____ Letterman, TV talk-show host
Slang shorthand for favorite
Hannibal Lecter's bean of choice
☀The most populous island on Earth☀

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