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Can you name the answers to the clues and climb down the 5-letter word ladder?

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Clue5-Letter Answer
∇____ [Rung 19], 'The Exorcist' star∇1
____ Hop, US dance style2
____ Kaling, 'The Office' star3
'Hearts and ____', Vietnam War doc.4
Fixes or repairs5
Ancient alcoholic beverages6
Beef, pork and venison7
Spoilt children9
Self-congratulates 10
Inhalations from a cigarette11
Sketches or paints12
Quality associated with certain accents13
Fish with nets14
'The Oregon ____', video game15
Weak or delicate16
Flap about17
Style or talent18
Clue5-Letter Answer
∇'The ____ Witch Project', 90s horror film∇19
Cerebellum, frontal lobe, hippocampus21
Opposite of preceding rung22
'Jackie ____', 1997 Tarantino film23
Hard punches25
Rorschach tests26
Heavy duty items of footwear 27
Rolls of lightning28
Units of electromotive force29
Small mammals30
Wide river valleys31
Loses colour32
Undersides of hands33
Largest city on the island of Majorca34
____ Hayek, star of 'Frida'35
∇____ [Rung 19], lead actress in 'Hellboy'∇36

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