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Can you name the answers, when the last two letters of each answer are also the first letters of the next answer?

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When the countries of the world are listed alphabetically, what is the capital city of the first country?
Which James Joyce novel shares its name with the first name of a US president?
What artificial language, based on the roots of the chief European languages, was devised in 1887?
What automaker produces the Corolla, Prius and Land Cruiser series of cars?
What Pacific island is strongly associated with French artist Paul Gauguin, who lived there for many years?
According to a popular British music hall song, 'It's a Long Way to' which Irish county?
In the musical Grease, what surname features in the name of the high school Danny and Sandy attend?
What domesticated mammal occupied the position of the Inca civilization's only beast of burden?
What newspaper comic strip, featuring a Great Dane of the same name, was turned into a movie in 2010?
What mononymous pop singer has had hit singles including 'Tik Tok' and 'We R Who We R'?
What Punic military commander shares his name with a cannibalistic villain created by Thomas Harris?
What forage crop is also the nickname of a character in 'The Little Rascals'/'Our Gang' series of kids films?
By what name are the poverty-stricken shanty towns endemic to Brazilian urban areas known?
What sport, played using wooden sticks with netting at the end, was created by Native American tribes?
What maritime system for conveying information uses handheld flags or paddles to create visual signals?
By what name is the light-sensitive layer of tissue lining the inner surface of the eye known?
Which French city has the same name as a fictional teenage girl detective with the surname Drew?
What poison was used as a means of committing suicide by many Nazi officials, including Heinrich Himmler?
What is the surname of the French actor known for his roles in 'Green Card' and 'Cyrano de Bergerac'?
What exclamation meaning 'I have found it' is famously attributed to Greek philosopher Archimedes?

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