Word Ladder: Nursery Rhyme Time

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Can you name the answers on this 4-letter word ladder linking the missing words to a well known nursery rhyme?

Updated Feb 18, 2013

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Clue4-Letter Word#
''Three blind ____,
three blind ____,...
Small parasite
Dig into a blackbird pie
____ and pieces
Prejudicial inclination
Mother hubbard's undergarments?
Eeyore-like enunciation
Food platter
Mr. Parker of 'South Park' fame
...see how ____ run,
see how ____ run,...
Not us
Overflow with
Judge or recognise
Carpe ____, seize the day
'Eat no fat' like Jack Sprat
Force or power
Clue4-Letter Word#
Snack on pat-a-cakes and hot cross buns
Alcoholic beverage
...[#2] all ran after the farmer's ____,...#3
Make Mary quite contrary
Equal parts wits and guile
'Where there's a ____ there's a way'
What Humpty Dumpty fell off
Shriek like a banshee
...who cut off their ____s
with a carving knife,...
Unalike Little Miss Muffet
Checkout cashbox
Pour up to the brim
Catalog or organise
High-pitched flute
...did you ever see such a thing in your ____, as three blind [#1]?''#5

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