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City Muhammad was born in
Century of his birth
Holy book believed by Muslims to be a revelation from God communicated to Muhammad
His mother's name
His father's name
Tribe into which he was born
His first wife, sometimes referred to as the 'Mother of Islam'
Muhammad's son-in-law who is credited as the first male to accept Islam
Youngest daughter of Muhammad with his first wife, held in great veneration among Muslims and married to above
Cave in which he received his first revelation from God
Angel through which he received his first revelation
Territory Muhammad permitted some followers to temporarily flee to from Arabia in order to escape persecution
Mythological flying steed on which Muhammad journeyed to Paradise to convene with other prophets
Migration he and his followers took, which is celebrated annually on the first day of the Muslim year
The city destination of this migration
Name of the first Islamic mosque, built in above city, in which Muhammad was finally entombed
First large-scale battle between Muslims and their opponents, which resulted in a decisive victory for Muhammad
Pilgrimage Muhammad made to the city of his birth, site of the sacred Ka'bah, which is retraced by Muslims annually
Moral code and religious law largely based on the examples set by Muhammad, in his speech and actions
Number of years his prophethood is said to have lasted
His third wife, with whom he was with when he died
Year of his death

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