No Second Guess Trivia III

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Can you name the answers to the following trivia questions in one try?

Featured Jan 25, 2013

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When listed in alphabetical order, which of Santa Claus' reindeer is listed last?

In 1945, during what month did Allied forces officially accept the unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany?

What actor played the role of James Bond in 'Goldeneye'?

The Nashville Predators play in which of the 'Big Four' professional sports leagues?

In what book of the Bible is the tale of Moses parting the Red Sea told?

The Mediterranean island of Corfu is a regional unit of which European country?

Vert is French for which colour of the rainbow?

In scientific notation, what letter of the alphabet is commonly used to denote the speed of light?

A tangelo is a hybrid of a tangerine and what other citrus fruit?

For what film did Jack Nicholson win his third Academy Award?

Harper Lee's novel 'To Kill a Mockingbird' is set in which US state?

What two-digit number is the title of Adele's 2011 multi-platinum second album?

Nephrology is the study of diseases affecting what human bodily organ?

Which of New York City's five boroughs is the largest in area?

The sitcom 'Seinfeld' originally aired on which of the four major US TV networks?

What is the only planet in our solar system, except for Earth, not named for a Roman deity?

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