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Can you name the words, from A-Z, that end in the letter 'M' from the provided clues?

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Abbreviation formed by the initials of a name or phraseA
Witch's mode of transportB
Ancient amphitheater and renowned Roman landmarkC
Sheet of muscle essential for breathingD
Use of an inoffensive word in place of an offensive one, often with comic effectE
Area of land devoted to agricultureF
Fabric with a check pattern of repeating squaresG
Precious or sentimental item passed down through generationsH
Islamic religious leaderI
Cargo or equipment thrown overboard to lighten a ship's loadJ
SI unit of massK
Tepid; closer to hot than coldL
Type of fungus, sometimes edibleM
Flammable chemical weaponN
North American marsupialO
Tool for plucking stringed instrumentsP
Branch of physics devoted to studying microscopic physical phenomenaQ
Alcoholic beverage made from sugarcaneR
In rugby union, a means of restarting play after an infringementS
Name given to a bicycle designed for more than one personT
Set of clothes worn by a teamU
Poisonous fluid produced by some animalsV
Native American tentW
Plant tissue used to transport waterX
Sound or expression signifying the tastiness of food or drinkY
Chemical element often found in cheaper alternatives to diamondsZ

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