Word Ladder: The Literary Life

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Can you name the 4-letter answers linking the missing words from the titles of the literary works on this ladder?

Updated Apr 16, 2015

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'____ of Pi'
»Yann Martel«
Rampant or abundant
Travel upon
'____ the Obscure'
»Thomas Hardy«
Summer month
'____ Eyre'
»Charlotte Brontë«
Narrow avenue
'____ With the Wind'
»Margaret Mitchell«
Unit of heredity
Richard ____, US actor
'From ____ to Eternity'
»James Jones«
Solid and stable
'Animal ____'
»George Orwell«
Service fee
One you prefer, for short
»Kurt Vonnegut«
Enter headfirst
'Lonesome ____'
»Larry McMurtry«
Coastal inlet
____ d'Ivoire, country
'____ Eye'
»Margaret Atwood«
Nutritious grains
Makes a decision
Urban residences (abbr.)
'Planet of the ____'
»Pierre Boulle«
Greek god of war
'A Farewell to ____'
»Ernest Hemingway«
Burton and Tebow, e.g.
'The ____ Machine'
»H.G. Wells«
Mute street performer
'Of ____ and Men'
»John Steinbeck«
Parasitic insects
'The Shadow ____'
»Joseph Conrad«
Belly button fluff
Schindler had one of these
'Paradise ____'
»John Milton«
Sturdy piece of timber
'Mansfield ____'
»Jane Austen«
Pet form of Henry
Multi-fingered extremity
'____ Times'
»Charles Dickens«
Cooking fat
'The ____ of the Rings'
»J.R.R. Tolkien«
Ready gun for use
'On The ____'
»Jack Kerouac«
Wander aimlessly
'A ____ with a View'
»E.M. Forster«
Large crucifix
Natalie or Elijah, e.g.
Forest, in old English
'Call of the ____'
»Jack London«
Celtic item of clothing
'To ____ a Mockingbird'
»Harper Lee«
Gates or Clinton, e.g.
'The ____ Jar'
»Sylvia Plath«
Apple shooting folk hero
Vertically well-endowed
Shoppers' heaven
'____ Flanders'
»Daniel Defoe«
Holy ____, exclamation
»Herman Melville«
Sir __ Belch: Shakespeare
Hawk or Blair, e.g.
Playstation purveyor
'____ of Solomon'
»Toni Morrison«
Onomatopœia of a bell ring
007's surname
'A ____ in the River'
»V.S. Naipaul«
Decorative object
'The Naked and the ____'
»Norman Mailer«

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