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Can you name the people or things that begin with 'A' and 'B'?

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'30 Rock' actor and avid player of 'Words With Friends'
Arctic natural phenomenon also known as the northern lights
Italian classical singer who lost his sight at the age of 12
Japanese manga series about a heroic childlike robot
Beer, wine, cointreau or vodka
1999 Best Picture Oscar winning drama starring Kevin Spacey
Oscar nominated actress, spouse of Warren Beatty and Spacey's co-star in the previous film
Nickname for the New Zealand rugby union team, of more generally any Kiwi sports team
Politically incorrect patriarch from 1970s sitcom 'All in the Family'
1991 U2 album that spawned the hit 'One'
Physically well and healthy, as opposed to disabled
Nuclear weapon associated with the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
US music-performance show that was hosted by Dick Clark from 1956-1989
Actress best remembered for her role as Mrs. Robinson in 'The Graduate'
Neo-nazi and white supremacist organised crime syndicate
Childrens book series about a dancing mouse that spawned an animated TV show
Child actress and Oscar nominated star of 'Little Miss Sunshine'
Latin term for a degree that is often translated to English as Bachelor of Arts
Ledger used for storing contact information of friends, family and business acquaintances
Spanish-born actor known for his roles in 'Desperado' and 'The Mask of Zorro'

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