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▼Norse god of thunder▼
___ Yorke, 'Radiohead' frontman
Not us
Throaty sound to attract attention
Endangered southeast Asian language
▼Greek god of war▼
Rocky mineral sources
Poems of praise
Japanese winter stew
▼Norse god and ruler of Asgard▼
Aquaman's given name
Cheesy smile
Town's principal street
▼Roman goddess of growth▼
Rooney ___, Oscar nominee
▼Roman god of war▼
2000s viral pandemic
▼Roman god of luck▼
___ d'oeuvres
European circle dance
▼Greek goddess of women▼
'___ Comes the Sun', 'The Beatles' song
Richard ___, US actor
Unit of DNA
___ Rowlands, actress and star of 'Gloria'
Headey, Dunham or Horne
▼Roman goddess of the moon▼
Respiratory organ
Fecal matter
Slam ___, court feat
Rubbish or garbage
▼Roman goddess of women▼
Olympic martial art
___ Law, UK actor
Launch a nuclear weapon
▼Greek goddess of victory▼
Thumb on Facebook
A private path
▼Norse god of chaos▼
___ Petty, star of 'Tank Girl'
Knowledge passed down
Not less
Female horse
Kwik-E-___, Apu's store on 'The Simpsons'
▼Egyptian god of truth and justice▼
Beef, pork or venison
Place for sitting
Badger's home
▼Egyptian god of storms and chaos▼
'Kiss' song; shortened form of Elizabeth
In Las Vegas, you 'place your ___'
Animal doctors
Unilaterally reject
▼Greek titan and mother of Apollo▼
Toy building blocks
Company's emblem
Bits of firewood
Clouds up
▼Roman god of wells and springs▼
Thousands of pounds
'Head, Shoulders, Knees and ___', kids song
Golf ball stands
▼Ancient Roman goddess of hope▼
Relaxing resorts
Tinned meat or junk mail
Throw down forcibly
Deprived urban area
Partially fermented grape juice
▼Egyptian creator god▼
Basic unit of a matter
Upon or at the summit
Retail store
Cut up with a knife
Chicken pen
Murmurs like a pigeon
Scary sounds
Snakes or feathery scarfs
Periods or time
▼Greek god of love▼
Fraternal chums
Jewish circumcision ceremony
▼Greek god associated with rainbows▼
Tall curved-billed bird
Japanese sashes
___ Redding, R&B singer
Suffix linking gingiv- and dermat-
▼Egyptian goddess of nature▼
Character in Homer's 'Iliad' killed by Agamemnon
Notes in place of payment
___-chef, chef's right-hand man
Male offspring
Juan or Quixote
Leonine homes
Latin for god or deity
▼Greek god of thunder and the sky▼
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