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Can you name the European countries that match the following historical blurbs?

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The Hundred Years' War was a series of conflicts between the Kingdom of England and this country
William III of England, often known as William of Orange, was born in this modern day country
This country is credited as the birthplace of the Renaissance
In 2004, a peaceful and democratic change of leadership, dubbed the Orange Revolution, occurred in this country
This walled microstate was established in 1929 by the Lateran Treaty
The fathers of philosophy Plato, Socrates and Aristotle were born in this country
The Treaty of Paris in 1815 established this country as a neutral state
The first naval voyage from Europe to India was sponsored by this country
This country achieved independence on January 1st 1993 when it split from the Czech Republic
In 2008, this country became the most recent former-Yugoslav state to declare independence
The United States purchased the US Virgin Islands from this country in 1916
The Winter War was a military conflict between the Soviet Union and this country
In 1956, this country came to international attention when Grace Kelly married its monarch
Catholic missionary Mother Teresa was born in the capital of this modern day country
A war for independence in this country, in 1992, sparked conflict between its three main ethnic groups
Marie Antoinette was born and raised in this modern day country before becoming the Queen of France
This former-Soviet country has been ruled by Alexander Lukashenko since 1994
In 1989, the Solidarity trade union movement led to semi-free elections, eventually leading to the fall of communism, in this country
This country is home to the UNESCO-recognized Megalithic Temples, some of the world's oldest freestanding structures, dating back to 3000 BC
The capital of this country was also capital of Yugoslavia before its collapse
This country became the first former-Soviet country to join the Eurozone in 2011
This country was ruled by Nicolae Ceau┼čescu from 1967 until 1989 when he was overthrown and executed on charges of genocide
The historic region of Anatolia consisted of territory primarily located in this modern day country

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