Just For Fun Quiz / Word Ladder: 'Siamese' Countries IV

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Can you name the answers to this siamese word ladder that links together the names of four 8-letter countries*?

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웃 Country with Kuala Lumpur as its capital 웃웃 Country with Kuala Lumpur as its capital 웃
Shopping MeccaPrevious rung's continent
Sporting sphereToward the ocean
HairlessDistrict or region
Musical cooperativeNitrogen-rich compound found in urine
Adhesion between atomsPractices or exercises
웃 Central American Hispanophone country 웃웃 Central American Hispanophone country 웃
Glove fillerProlonged time periods
Suffix linking Ice-, Ire- and Thai-Greek God of love
Cooking fatEmotional teens
Patronised poetAndy's sitcom partner or Bible book
웃 Caribbean island nation home to Rihanna 웃웃 Caribbean island nation home to Rihanna 웃
Residential district, for shortCalculates 2 + 2
Edison's incandescent inventionHIV-related immune disease
Matador's playthingVentilates or broadcasts on TV
Gates, Clinton or CosbyBelonging to space station de-orbited in 2001
Horizontal window baseEarth's red neighbour
Storage towerSurname of acting sisters Kate and Rooney
UnaccompaniedGreek deity, mother of Hermes
웃 Country named after Columbus 웃웃 Country named after Columbus 웃

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