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In August 1945, nuclear weapons were deployed by US forces on two major cities in this country, to date the only use of nuclear weapons during an armed conflictJapan
In 1991, the military conflict known as the Gulf War was sparked by the invasion of Kuwait by this countryIraq
In 1948, Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated in the capital city of this countryIndia
The Ottoman Empire, which prevailed for centuries until its fall in 1923, was centered in this modern day countryTurkey
In 1949, Chiang Kai-shek's Nationalist forces took refuge on this island subsequently creating a sovereign countryTaiwan
This country, known as Siam until the mid-20th century, was the only country in Southeast Asia able to retain independence during colonial timesThailand
The Pathet Lao was a communist political movement that succeeded in gaining power in this country after a civil war that ran concurrently with the Vietnam WarLaos
In 2007, former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto was assassinated weeks before this country's general elections, in which she was a chief opposition candidatePakistan
Until 1971, this densely populated country was known as East Pakistan, a provincial state of PakistanBangladesh
In 2012, this prosperous democracy elected its first female president, Park Geun-hyeSouth Korea
Originally formed to combat an Israeli occupation, the Hezbollah militant and political group has been a rising force in this country in recent decadesLebanon
Previously a poor Arab state noted mainly for pearl hunting, the discovery of huge oil and gas reserves has made this country one of the world's wealthiestQatar
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This country has one of the world's most unique systems of government, being ruled, since 1971, by seven autocratic regional emirs and one national presidentUnited Arab Emirates
This country, a sultanate since the 15th century, once controlled nearly all of the island of BorneoBrunei
This country's 20th century political landscape was dominated by the consecutive presidencies of Sukarno and Suharto, who ruled for 22 and 32 years, respectivelyIndonesia
Islam Karimov has been the ruler of this central Asian country since 1989, heading a regime that's been criticized by international human rights groupsUzbekistan
From 1958 to 1961, this country was part of a sovereign union, with Egypt, known as the United Arab RepublicSyria
This country was ruled by Saparmurat Niyazov until his death in 2006; he was known for establishing a cult-like regime, even renaming the months of the yearTurkmenistan
In the early 4th century, this modern day country became the first to adopt Christianity as a state religionArmenia
This country, proclaimed a kingdom in 2002, has been ruled by the Al Khalifa family since the 18th centuryBahrain
In the 1990s, this country descended into a civil war, between the forces of President Imomali Rakhmonov and Muslim insurgents, leading to 60,000 deathsTajikistan
In 2005, the Tulip Revolution ended president Askar Akayev's 15 year rule of this country after widespread allegations of corruption and authoritarianismKyrgyzstan
In 1990, this country was formed after the unification of its hitherto divided northern and southern regionsYemen
This modern day country once had an empire that stretched from Pakistan to Zanzibar, even competing with Portuguese and British colonial powers for territoryOman

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