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Can you name the answers to the clues, all answers being an anagram of the preceding step plus one letter?

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Indefinite article1
I __ Sam, 2001 Sean Penn film2
___ Culpa, Latin expression meaning 'my mistake'3
Alias or title4
Most easterly US State of the lower 485
Member of the US armed services6
Comparative form of mangy7
Genus of flowering plants, also known as Cranebills8
Chemical element, named for a European country9
Fifth letter of the alphabet1
French word for 'and'2
Beverage, often drank iced or with milk and sugar3
San Franciscan landmark, Golden ____ Bridge4
A person authorised to act on another's behalf5
To nullify or render ineffective6
Graceful or tasteful7
To ensnarl or intertwine8
1982 Film, An Officer & A _______9
First person pronoun1
Women __ Love, novel written by D.H. Lawrence2
Chemical element with the symbol Sn3
Singer of 'Simply the Best', ____ Turner4
Prefix meaning within5
Tissue that lines the inner surface of the eye6
Common type of igneous rock7
Exposing to or treating with air or gas8
Homeland of Eva 'Evita' PerĂ³n9

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