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Can you name the Silmarillion Character, Place, or Thing by its meaning?

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MeaningNameLanguage Origin
Character: Nightingale (Twilight's Daughter)Sindarin
Character: Sea-loverQuenya
Character: MourningSindarin
Character: Spirit of FireQuenya
Character: Star QueenSindarin
Character: Dark SpiderSindarin
Character: Master of DoomSindarin
Character: The Red MawSindarin
Character: Star SpraySindarin
Character: Spark-of-Bright-LightQuenya
Place: Land of the ValarQuenya
Place: Hidden Rock (Stone-song)Sindarin
Place: Prison of IronSindarin
Place: Land of the FenceSindarin
Place: High-white-peakQuenya
MeaningNameLanguage Origin
Place: Country of BalarSindarin
Place: Echoing LandSindarin
Place: Blue MountainsSindarin
Place: Let it BeQuenya
Place: Thousand CavesSindarin
Thing: Death-ironSindarin
Thing: Jewel of SilimaQuenya
Thing: Golden TreeQuenya
Thing: Fire-goldenQuenya
Thing: Demon-of-PowerSindarin
Thing: Snow-thorn (Icicle) Sindarin
Thing: ClubSindarin
Thing: Wreathed-in-SilverQuenya
Thing: Air/SkyQuenya
Thing: Iron-cleaverSindarin

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