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Forced Order
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Today I was expecting to recieve a warm welcome at my cousin’s house, turns out my cousin’s been dead for a while. FML
Today was my birthday; at my party I showed everyone a magic trick I’ve been working on for 61 years. No one seemed to enjoy it. FML
Today I forsook my immortality to marry a man thousands of years younger than me; it might not even be legal. FML
Today I got yet another nickname. FML
Today I had to stop singing about my amazing yellow boots in order to help some people from being killed by Old Man Willow. FML
Today, I was about to have my first decent meal in ages when some short person came and stabbed me in the stomach. Way to ruin my appetite jerk. FML
Today my dad told me he wished I’d died instead of my brother. FML
Today I rode triumphantly into battle only to be killed by my horse falling on top of me. FML
Today I couldn’t stop talking to myself even though my throat hurt. FML
Today I was relaxing in my tower when a bunch of giant trees came through my yard and destroyed all my beautiful landscaping. FML
Today, I returned home after months abroad facing extreme peril to save the lives of the people who live here, nobody cared. FML
Today I had to carry my master halfway up a mountain. FML
Today, after spending countless years building a reputation as one of the most feared figures in Middle-earth, I was killed by a girl and her tiny friend. FML
Today I came back to life only to discover all of Middle-earth needs me to make decisions for them. Seriously do I have to do everything? FML
Today my wife gave some of her hair to a dwarf. FML
Today I let my guilt get the better of me and now I’m at the beck and call of a grumpy steward. FML

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