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Can you name the Lord of the Rings place, person, or thing by meaning?

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MeaningNameLanguage Origin
Place: Black LandSindarin
Place: Mansion of the DwarvesDwarvish
Place: Tower of GuardSindarin
Place: Dream-FlowerSindarin+Quenya
Place: Iron CitadelRohirric (Old English)
Place: Tower of Sorcery Sindarin
Place: Land of Stone (Lit. Stone Land)Sindarin
Place: Land of HorsesSindarin
Place: Burning MountainSindarin
Place: Mount Fang (Lit. Forked Height)Sindarin
Person: Noble WomanSindarin
Person: One-Who-Delights-in-HorsesRohirric (Old English)
Person: Grey WandererSindarin
Person: Radiantly-Garlanded-MaidenSindarin via Quenya
Person: Star-DomeSindarin
MeaningNameLanguage Origin
Person: Chief-of-People/NationRohirric (Old English)
Person: Tall-SilverSindarin
Person: Treebeard (Lit. Beard-of-Tree)Sindarin
Person: The Abhorred Quenya
Person: MaskRohirric (Old English)
Thing: Ring-wraithBlack Speech
Thing: Hammer-of-FoesSindarin
Thing: KingsfoilSindarin
Thing: Grey Brilliance Sindarin
Thing: That-Which-Looks-Far-AwayQuenya
Thing: Tree-of-GoldSindarin via Quenya
Thing: Flame of the WestQuenya
Thing: Journey-breadSindarin via Quenya
Thing: Ever-mindRohirric (Old English)
Thing: Red-and-White-FlameQuenya

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