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Can you name the WDW Park Attractions?

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MGMOn the way to a concert, starring Aerosmith
MGMStupid elevators
EpcotI just got sneezed on by a dog.
MGMTwo cranky critics in the balcony
MGMwho turned out the lights???
EpcotFind out what it's like to be an astronaut.
EpcotHave you ever felt like a crash dummy???
EpcotWhich way to the EAC???
Epcotwow purple dinosaur!!!
EpcotVikings ahh!!
EpcotGonna need a big golf club for this one.
Magic Kingdomsoo many languages so little time
Magic Kingdomi hope we stay on the track, kinda want to stay on the milky way
Magic Kingdomi see dead people
Magic Kingdomever fallen into a briar patch???
Magic Kingdomis this a steam or coal engine???
Magic KingdomHey Jose!!!
Magic Kingdomwhere's jack sparrow?
Animal Kingdombeen to the Tree of Life lately?
Animal Kingdomjust because we can recreate life doesn't mean we should.

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