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Can you name the Gilmore Girls Trivia Season One?

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Forced Order
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What name did Tristan keep calling Rory?
Who is the sassy harp player at the inn?
Where is Dean from?
Which sport does Rory try to fulfill a Chilton requirement?
What fruit does Sookie buy from a stand and not from Jackson?
What grade does Rory get on her first paper at Chilton?
How many highlighters does Rory buy?
Which dish of Sookie's was reviewed as 'perfectly fine'
What band t-shirt does Lorelai wear to the parent-teacher meeting?
What runs into the side of Rory's car as she is driving to school?
How does Lorelai refer to Headmaster Charleston?
What is the name of Babette and Morey's cat that dies?
What two things does Rory try to buy from Doose's Market?
How do Lorelai and Rory mark the items that they want Emily to leave them in her will?
What does Rory steal from Doose's Market when Dean kisses her?
What movie does Lorelai invite Dean over to watch?
What kind of cookies does Rory give to Dean?
Emily gave a donation to Chilton to save what endangered animal?
Who does Paris take to the Chilton formal?
Where do Dean and Rory fall asleep after the dance?
What did Lorelai look forward to every year at her parent's Christmas party?
What does Luke make Lorelai for dinner on the night of the Gilmores' Christmas party?
What does Lorelai give Luke as a thank you gift for driving her to the hospital?
What is the name of the hamster that Lorelai returned to the pet store?
Who sees Max and Lorelai kiss at Chilton?

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