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Where is Lane's parents sending her with a one way ticket?
When Max is talking to Rory about Lorelai's engagement ring, what wild animal does Rory say that Lorelai is?
From whom does Emily find out that Lorelai is engaged to Max?
What tool did Lorelai decorate in pink for Rory?
As he watches Lorelai and Max's engagement party, Luke sits on the bench with who?
Who does Lorelai hire as the wedding photographer?
Who invited Emily to the bachelorette party?
Who does Lorelai call from her bachelorette party?
What did Luke make Lorelai and Max for their wedding ceremony?
What is the name of the cat at the Bed and Breakfast that Lorelai and Rory go to?
What does Luke buy for Jess to sleep on?
Who is the editor of the Franklin during Rory's Junior year?
Who was voted the most popular teacher at Chilton?
Which of Babette's gnomes did Jess take?
What is the name of the dance that Rory dances at the Debutante Ball?
What is the name of the secret society that invites Rory to join?
What club does Lorelai join at Chilton?
Who is owner of the Independence Inn?
What appliance did Jess fix without Luke knowing?
What wedding gift arrives for Lorelai and Max?
What character does Paris end up playing in Romeo and Juliet?
Tristan leaves Chilton to go to what kind of school?
Who rides in Rory's carriage at the Bracebridge Dinner?
What does Emily find out about Richard at the Bracebridge Dinner?
What does Lorelai put under Rory's pillow at the Bracebridge Dinner?
What crawls up Kirk's nose when he is looking at Lorelai and Rory's porch?

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