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Who is Jackson's cousin that Lorelai goes out with?
Which one of Dean's friends does Lane have a crush on?
Where do Jackson, Sookie, Lorelai, and Roon end up eating?
Which item from Luke's donations for the rummage sale does Lorelai keep?
Who goes to the Bangles concert with Sookie and Lorelai?
Who does Sookie compare Rachel's looks with?
When did Tristan kiss Paris?
Who does Rory dress up like to serve Dean dinner?
What is the name of the bird Rory brings home from Chilton?
If Rory does her homework before Saturday, what does she do on Sunday?
What does Rory do when she meets the Hadens?
What does Rachel say when she enters the diner?
What anniversary are Dean and Rory celebrating when Dean tells her that he loves her?
What does Lorelai say that Rory has to do after she breaks up with Dean?
Who kisses Rory at the Chilton party?
What is Rory's favorite flower?
What does Lorelai pick out as gifts for Luke to give Rachel?
Lorelai says that a proposal requires romance, a horse and what?
When Rory goes to Dean's house and Clara answers the door, what does Rory pretend to be?

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