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Forced Order
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QuoteCharacter Episode
'I thought you'd been kidnapped by some crazy Sandanistas.'
'I'm going to go take a shower and leave you alone to make out with your sock drawer.'
'They've just upgraded you to a queen size bed jacuzzi tub junior suite in hell.'
'Ricky Ricardo didn't know, Dick Van Dyke didn't know, and by gum, if it's good enough for Rick and Dick, it's good enough for me.'
'You brought your own mattress?'
'As they're ransacking your room, profeesional thieves typically start at the bottom drawer and work their way up.'
'I was going to wait until you called me, but my life isn't as long as yours. Did you sit on the couch?'
'I wore a bracelet to school today. My parents were called, there was a special service in the chapel and I've been ordered to a soul searching seminar next week.'
'Now I'm sure its tempting to emotionally stunt your daughter so she'll move back home and take care of you in your old age.'
'A child is not a duvet cover. You can't just take it back if it doesn't like you.'
'Do not say the 'D' word to me, Lane. Dave is dead to me.'
'You don't want some crazed knife wielding gunman at your throat and the neighbors are going like 'Is that a fan?', 'Did I leave the water running?'
'I'm going to kill that mail carrier. I don't care if he doesn't have a tongue.'
QuoteCharacter Episode
'Yes, about the Dragonfly, or deodorant. Places to buy it, how to apply it, that sort of thing.'
'It's not an official club or anything. There's no hats. At least not until we can all agree on a color.'
'He wanted 'Davey' if it was a boy and 'Colgate if it was a girl.'
'I missed a call from my meat guy because I was on the phone discussing Gunsmoke's deviated septum.'
'What do you think the outlook for this lawn jockey is? . . . Emily would hate it.'
'Men respond subconsciously to a woman's pheromones. You should run in place until he gets here. It will give you a nice musk.'
'How come the puppy doesn't pee on your bed?'
'I vote we get rid of craft corner.'
'You're beyond monk. You're uber-monk.'
'Boy they have these places all over. Two in Miami, Detroit, hey, two in my hometown. Now that's a great town.'
'People have studied the mints and they found traces of urine in them. So they're urine mints.'
'I love that its ok to be Russian again.'
'And then the minute I get up and go to the bathroom, she is supposed to sneak out and leave me here humiliated.'

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