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At the top of the pyramid on the US$1 bill
Secret society founded in 1776 by Adam Wesihaupt
Fraternal organization with symbolism couched in Solomon's Temple, parodied as the Stonecutters on The Simpsons
David Icke suggests these aliens control most of the world's governments
A hoax document purporting a Jewish world-domination conspiracy
A supposed U.S. government organization that is dispatched to cover up UFO incidents
Yale secret society that includes four members of the Bush family, two Rockefellers, and Sen. John Kerry.
Private California camp hosting entertainment, meetings and rituals for the rich and powerful
U.S. foreign policy think tank and publisher of Foreign Affairs.
A phrase used by many world leaders that may refer to a one-world government.
On July 20, 1969 this event was supposedly faked.
US Government facility in that is purported to house extraterrestrials or their spacecraft.
CIA program experimenting with mind control and mind-altering substances.
Location of a potential 'second gunmen' in the Kennedy assasination
Supposed government program for delivering chemical or biological agents from aircraft
The break-in to this hotel housing the Democratic National Committee implicated a standing President
An order of Christian Crusaders who created numerous innovations in finance
A myth regarding the death of a famous English pop star
A fictional character created by Dan Brown featured in three novels who investigates conspiracy theories
A novel by Umberto Eco referred to as 'the thinking man's Da Vinci Code'.

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