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i work for the police department
i like paste, and frequently have my finger up my nose
PRANKS, skateboarding, and, comic books
has a major crush on lisa, parents seperated
grandfather of three, spouse of mona
tall, blue, hairdue
BEER, 'DOH', mmmmmm
'Aye, que caliente'
*puff*, hates homer
'Yes, mother!'
'ah, he, he, he'
'hi everybody!'
ponies, corey, malibu stacey
i serve beer
malibu stacey, i work for mr.burns
unibrow, maggie's enemy
i sell comic books, and action figures
'Thank you come again'
'hey, hey kids!'
'hi-diddly-ho, neighborino!'
enemy to bart
teaches bart
teaches lisa
notoriously steals things/picks on bart and everybody and the elementery school
begat to rubella
spouse to brandine
wanted criminal
loves cats

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