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What was the name of Rachel's assistant turned boyfriend?
What is the name of Joey's agent?
What holiday does Chandler despise?
Who convinces Ross to get an earring?
On Ross' 'Pros and Cons' list, what was Julie's one con?
What was Ross' monkey's name?
What is Joey's favorite food?
Which Friend is a paleontologist?
To what country did Chandler fly to escape Janice?
How many sisters does Joey have?
Name one of the two cast members' spouses who have appeared on the show.
What is Chandler and Joey's favorite TV Show?
To whom did Chandler and Joey's TV Guide come addressed to?
While dating Kathy, which 2 Friends gave Chandler sex advice?
What color is Joey's umbrella in the opening credits?
What sport was Ross invited to play, by Emily's friends?
What object surrounds the peephole in Monica's apartment?
Who were the two Friends that were thrown out of Caesar's Palace?
Which Friend has a unique running style?
How many siblings does Rachel have?
Which Friend has a fear of dogs?
Ross had a joke published in what magazine?
Which Friend made candy to get to know the neighbors?
Who was the last Friend to turn 30?
What is Chandler's middle name?
Who was Chandler's roommate in London?
What material did Joey 'wear' to an audition to appear to be uncircumcised?
What was Rachel's cat's name?
Who did Rachel say Barry looked like?
What did Ross try to teach Rachel and Phoebe?

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