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LineFinish It!
Blanche: Biff, Doug, Skippy? No, don't take Skippy, __'__ ___ _____
Sophia: She's mopey, dopey, and full of crap, _____ _____
Dorothy: I'm pussycat one, you're ________ ___
Dorothy: You are the one who said I was in denial, and don't you ____ __
Blanche: Is that all you Italians know how to do, _______ ____ ____
Blanche: I feel like I am in a bad dream. But I know I'm not dreaming, because there are no ___ _____
Rose: Cut the crap and get back the ____ ____
Sophia: It's too tight, it's too short, and it shows too much cleavage for a woman _____ ____
LineFinish It!
Rose: He makes me feel foolish. I don't even feel comfortable telling him __ _____ ______.
Rose: My mother always used to say, 'The older you get, the better you get, unless ____'__ __ _______
Sophia: I found it scary too. That Sigourney Weaver is a sweet girl but she really shouldn't go ________ _______
Sophia: Excuse me Rose, but I haven't had sex in fifteen years and its starting to get __ __ ______
Blanche: I'm jumpier than a virgin at a _____ _____
Dorothy: You're a furry little gnome and we feed you ___ ____
Rose: No, I'm not an idiot, the tv has a ______ _____?
Sophia: Fasten your seatbelt, slutpuppy, this ain't gonna be __ __________!

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