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QuoteMissing Word(s)
Sophia: Look, you didn't ask me for my opinion, but I'm old, so I'm ________ __ _______.
Sophia: Jealousy is a very ugly thing, Dorothy. And so are you, __ ________ ________.
Sophia: Why do blessings wear disguises? If I were a blessing, I'd ____ ______ ______.
Rose: My mother always used to say, 'The older you get, the better you get, unless ______ __ ______.
Dorothy: How come whenever my ship comes in ___ _______?
Dorothy: It's wonderful dating in Miami. Every single man under eighty ____ ________.
Sophia: No, Rose. We lost and we all changed our names __ _____.
Blanche: Of course, my heroine doesn't look like you. This is a romantic novel, ___ ________ _______.
Dorothy: You're right, Blanche. These naked southern guys ____ ___ ______.
Sophia: You know what else I can't stand? Your phony accent. What is this, ________ _______?
QuoteMissing Word(s)
Dorothy: I would kill my sister Gloria if she ever wrote about __ ____ ____.
Sophia: If this sauce were a person, I'd get naked and ____ ____ __ __.
Rose: This place makes me want to run out and ____ _______.
Dorothy: Now look here... You withered old ________ ______.
Sophia: Fasten your seatbelt, **** puppy. This ain't gonna __ __ _______.
Sophia: Excuse me Rose, but I haven't had sex in fifteen years and its starting to ___ __ __ _____.
Blanche: I don't really mind Clayton being homosexual, I just don't like ___ ______ ____.
Dorothy: What are you trying to say, Rose? Weddings _____ ___ _____?
Blanche: And sex. For which I usually ____ ________.
Rose: Lets face it, Blanche, you have Bette Davis eyes, and ______ ________ _______.

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