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What are the first words Buffy says to Spike?
In what episode does Tara first appear
Finish the lyric: 'They got the _______ out!'
In the episode Sleeper who sings at the Bronze twice?
In what episode does Buffy's mother die?
What does M.O.O. stand for?
What is Buffy's middle name?
How many times has Buffy died?
What color is Buffy's costume in Halloween?
Finish this line: 'My heart expands, tis grown a bulge in it, inspired by your beauty _______'
QuestionYour Guess?
What does Rack say Willow tastes like?
What character is a rat most of the show?
Willow requires the blood of what animal to resurrect Buffy?
What instrument does Spike say Buffy plays to her mother?
Who plots to kill everyone in Sunnydale High in Earshot?
Who wrote the song Blue that Angie Hart sings in Conversations With Dead People?
Kennedy has what kind of piercing that Willow finds exciting?
Who plays the Buffy theme on the opening credits?
What song does Buffy sing while wearing her cheerleader uniform in Witch
What is the last line (spoken by Spike) of the episode Beneath You?

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