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Can you name the ecclesial terms for items used in liturgy, places, and ecclesiastical roles (as used in Western chur?

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DescriptionTermExtra random hints
A container for holding communion wafersMay also be called a 'bread box.'
A fancy altar hanging much like a table skirt; usually brocadeThe fair linen goes on top.
Schedule of personnel for the liturgyFrom Latin for 'wheel'
The person who carries the processional crossLatin for 'cross-bearer'
The Bishop's throneThe building takes its name from this seat
Wand-like item used to sprinkle holy water'Asperges me'
A curtain hanging behind an altarRelated to the Latin term for 'on the back'
Cloth used to wipe the rim of the cup during CommunionFor the love of God, don't wipe with the embroidery!
Geographical area over which a bishop presidesI can think of three possible answers!
Room for vesting and/or preparing Eucharistic elementsTwo possible answers (one just for vesting)
Band or rope used to cinch one's alb or cassockThe hint is in the description on this one.
Candle kept lit near reserved SacramentAlso used, in red glass, near burial sites
White robe usually worn under other vestmentsFrom Latin for 'white'
Area inside the church, with the pews, where the faithful assembleThink of a ship
Bowl and towel used for ritual washing by the priestFrom the Latin for 'I wash'
DescriptionTermExtra random hints
Priest-in-charge of a cathedralUniversities also use this term.
Cup used to distribute the Wine during CommunionFrom Latin/Greek words for 'cup'
Small plate used to distribute the Bread during CommunionFrom Latin for 'pan, dish'
Another name for the bread or wafer used in CommunionFrom Latin for '(sacrificial) victim'
The person who swings the censer during liturgyLatin for 'incense-bearer'
Special sink leading directly into the ground for disposal of consecrated wineEliminates the need for alcoholic priests!
A church building shaped like a cross is called thisThe 'arms' are called transepts; they intersect at the 'crossing.' Not a hint, just trivia.
The Bishop's hatFrom the Greek for 'headband' or 'turban'
Large candle lit at Easter Vigil, during Easter, and at funerals and baptismsThe candle takes its name from the Greek word for 'Passover.'
Vestment worn by the Presider or Celebrant at MassBasically just a large cloth with a hole for the priest's head.
In Anglican tradition, a person who carries a stick and leads people during the liturgyThe stick is called a 'virge' (Latin name)
'Placemat' used to catch crumbs during the EucharistHint: the bread becomes the Body of Christ
Perfumed oil used in baptismRepresents the Holy Spirit
Priest-in-charge of a parishTwo terms accepted.
Where Consecrated Sacrament is reserved for use or adorationTwo answers are acceptable.

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