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Can you name the characters of hunger games?

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What is the name of prim's goat?
Who is katniss' hunting partner?
Who is the boy with the bread?
Who is Peeta's stylist?
Katniss' prep team, person 1
Madge's aunt
What is the name of prim's cat?
Who is katniss' sister?
Married to annie cresta
Gale's mother
Hint answer
Avox katniss saw being captured
75th hunger games game maker
Katniss' prep team, person 2
Katniss' prep tem, person 3
District 12's hunger games escort
Who is the main character?
Who is katniss' mentor?
74th hunger games head game maker
Mayor's daughter
Who is katniss' stylist?

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Created Apr 5, 2013ReportNominate
Tags:character, hunger, name

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