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A sumptuous entertainment of eating and drinking; often, a complimentary or ceremonious feast, followed by speeches
A small book consisting of a few sheets of paper bounded together typically containing one common theme.
A defensive covering for your head.
To move uneasily one way to the other.
Three children or offspring born at one birth
Having an agreeable taste or flavor such as that of sugar
To explain or decipher the meaning of something.
A deep bright red tinged with orange or yellow
Musical instrument with the highest register in the brass family.
An artistic dance performed as theatrical entertainment.
A pointed instrument of the dagger kind fitted on the muzzle of a musket or rifle
Montague and ___________
To wish for with eagerness; to desire possession of
A species of parrot that generally have long feathers.
A game played with two or more people where the players try to hit a wooden ball with mallets through hoops.
A kind of large, thin muffin or cake, light and spongy, and cooked on a griddle or spider.

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