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Who were the starting defensemen in game 1? (last names)
Who were the starting forwards in game 1? (last names)
What was the nickname of locker room number 3?
Who was the captain in 2009?
Who was the assistant in 2009?
Who led the team in goals in 2009?
Who was the dumbest kid on the team in 2009? (last name)
Who was the centerman on the 4th line?
Who were his linemates?
Who wore #7 this season?
The ______ _____ was made up of Ryan Derian,Colin Foley, and Kyle Creedon
What was the Wildcats regular season record?
Whos mother dyed their hair?
Who got leveled in the first game against Masco?
Who gave him the buddy pass?
Whos nickname was bizzle?
Who was the backup goalie?
Which goalie never deserved to touch the ice/got pucks shot at him all practice?
What color did the Wildcats dye their hair?
If you put these two brothers together (first names), they still wouldnt be as smart as half a retard
Who was the 'sicko' of the Wildcats?
Who was his defensive partner?
Who were the defensemen on the green line? (last names)
Which defenseman almost scored a goal on an empty net as Scanlon was yelling 'no sucker ice'
Who always brought a lunch into the locker room, even though the coaches always said not to?
Who was the head coach?
Who was the fattest man in the rink every day?
Name a Scanlon quote

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