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When is Jun's birthday? (DD/MM/YY)
When is Seungkwan's birthday? (DD/MM/YY)
What instrument does Jun play?
What is his favourite number?
Where is Vernon's hometown?
What language does Hoshi speak very well at?
What is Joshua's nickname?
How much does Wonwoo weigh?
What is Woozi's blood type?
What animal is Wonwoo afraid of?
What is S.Coups' full name?
What is DK's real name?
How tall is Hoshi?
Who does Woozi want to meet?
What is Joshua's favourite sport?
What is The8's nickname?
What team is Mingyu in?
Which K-Pop group is Dino a fan of?
Who does DK share the same birthday with in Seventeen?
How much does Dino weigh?
One of S.Coups favourtie Korean singer is?
What team is Jeonghan in?
What year did Seungkwan join Pledis Entertainment?
Which member did Jeonghan say was the first person to approach him?
What is The8's favourite season?
How tall is Vernon?

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